PW-1521RTJ-PT (Fixed variable Pre-stretch) Semi Auto Pallet Jack Wrapper
December 8, 2017
PW-1521RTJ-PF ( Easy-load fixed variable Pre-Stretch) Semi Auto Pallet Jack Wrapper
December 8, 2017
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PW-1521RTJ-VPT(Variable Pre-Stretch) Semi Auto Pallet Jack Wrapper

1521: Turntable Ø1500mm and Column Height 2100mm.
RTJ: PCB & Membrane switch control.
VPT: Variable Pre Stretch film carriage.(100%~400%) 

Mechantronic Aspect:

Unique Pallet Jack loading plateform, easy to use.
Inverter controls speed of motor, allowing perfect seed adjustment
Auto or Manual mode / Soft start, stop for safety

Mechanical Aspect:

Carriage head and turntable driven by chain for durability and stability during machines’ operation
The film carriage is equipped with chain drive for smooth vertical movement.(Speed Adjustable)
Turntable is equipped with chain drive, for stable turning during pallet loading. (Speed Adjustable)

Model Size Specifications
Turntable Ø Column Height


Column Height


Column Height


1500 1521 1524 1527
1650 1621 1624 1627
1800 1821 1824 1827
Pallet Dimension Range with respect to Model Specifications
Model Width






1521 800 1200 1442
1621 1000 1200 1562
1821 1200 1200 1697
Power Single phase,220/230/240V,


PE FilmCarriage  VPT

Variable 100~400% pre-stretch

PE Film Type I.D. 76mm, O.D. Max 280mm,


Thickness: 17~35 microns

Turntable speed


5~15 (adjustable)
Film Carriage Speed 2~5 meter/min (adjustable)
Loading Weight



* SI Unit: (mm)

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