About Us


About Us

Since our inception in 1992, ITL has never looked back. We have emerged as a leading firm in the field of Packaging machines, packaging material & conveyors. With our branch offices in other major cities like Multan and Lahore, we strive to adhere with the commitments we make with our customers. It is our devotion to the cause which makes us peculiar.

For the last 25 years we have been providing packaging solutions to our customers successfully gaining there trust & support. Satisfaction of our customers is really important to us and we work out of the box to maximize it. Therefore we prefer to stay well connected with our customers so we get apprised of there queries.

Moreover, we also enjoy the sole agencies of major international companies such as PACKWAY, UNIPACK, STRAPEX, SCIENTAX AND PANPACIFIC who are considered as pioneers of packaging industries. Furthermore, we also proffer maintenance services to our clients to adhere to their technical needs.

What drives our success story is the passion, commitment and hard work of our dedicated employees. In order to keep them updated with the needs of growing world, we indulge them in multiple training sessions so there unique abilities could be nurtured in a better way. This is what makes our workers our asset.

Our aim is to have a steady and unceasing growth so could cater the needs of the growing world so we could continue being the most prominent dealer of packaging machines & material.